Hello friends...welcome to my photography site! A little bit about me...let's see...well, I first got interested in traveling and learning about different cultures while living in Spain back in 1996. Got my first SLR camera in '97 and have been doing photography ever since. Seeing the world first with my naked eye, reacting to what I see and then capturing what I see through the camera lens is my personal interpretation of what I am experiencing at that very moment. I am drawn to, and fascinated by, the beauty of our planet, the reality of my surroundings and the human condition. Travel photography has rewarded me over the years with a continuous eye-opening experience, and has left me with a compassion for humanity far beyond anything I had ever expected to feel. I feel privileged to be able to share these images with the world and I hope, through my photography, to help increase awareness about the unique and inspiring people, places and conditions that exist beyond our individual borders.

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Cheers! -- Damian

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